For easy to access psychological help I provide a webinar for “Adapting to the COVID-19 Crisis and Keeping your Mental Health Intact.” This talk is designed to help people get through the crisis while maintaining their psychological wellbeing. The webinar outlines healthy coping, self-care, adjusting to telework, coping with your kids/spouse being at home, and living alone during the time of social distancing.

I speak on a number of topics including:

Best Ever Anxiety Strategies
(on the spot interventions that stop anxiety in its tracks)

5 Steps to take before starting a new relationship

How to stop fearing other people’s judgment
(and why it matters so much)

Best Ever Anxiety Strategies For the Work Place (on the spot interventions for dealing with anxiety and stress in the workplace)

Overcoming toxic relationships
(yes it is possible!)

How to stop your “inner child” from highjacking your adult relationships