General Medical Conditions

We are in a time of uncertainty and evolving change. I am offering video therapy or teletherapy via HIPPA approved software, including Zoom. Video platforms are easy to access and utilize —I email you a link and you can click on it at the time of our session.

Individuals who manage serious medical diagnoses (including inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cancer, hyper/hypo thryroidism, alopecia, scoliosis, and a host of others) often report mood changes and changes in their sense of self, resulting from the diagnosis. So often people tend to blame themselves, feel badly or experience shame for conditions that they are powerless to control. Psychotherapy helps by putting this fact into perspective so that people do not have the added burden of a negative, internal dialogue, on top of a serious medical issue. People discover power and control in managing simply the illness but not also feeling the burden of low self-esteem, depression or self-criticism.

In addition, some individuals find it relieving to talk about all of their feelings with someone who is not in their family or immediate social network so that they can better process where they are with the condition and not have to concern themselves with how they are impacting those they are close to.

People who are grappling with medical issues also have to navigate the, sometimes, stressful world of healthcare and become their own best advocate in what can feel like a very confusing and contradictory sphere. I help clients to process this extremely important part of living with a serious medical issue and provide strategies for being your own best advocate.

Serious medical issues can drastically impact a person’s life and functioning. I help these individuals to process their diagnoses and to go on to have fulfilling lives while managing possible medical limitations.