Stress Management

We are in a time of uncertainty and evolving change. I am offering video therapy or teletherapy via HIPPA approved software, including Zoom. Video platforms are easy to access and utilize —I email you a link and you can click on it at the time of our session.

I help clients to develop strategies and techniques for managing feeling chronically overloaded by work and personal stress. These techniques include talk therapy, mindfulness, and limit setting. Stress is a result of feeling like your capacity is far smaller than what life is throwing at you and feeling that you cannot possibly work on growing your capacity because life keeps throwing more and more turmoil your way.

Sometimes life is simply stressful and that is a normal part of the human experience. In other instances however, a person comes to feel that her entire life is always one big stress ball. In these cases people benefit from psychotherapy to help them to break down hard to manage issues or life events into smaller, more tolerable, goals and chunks of information. In addition, it helps to find other ways to cope with stress than either over doing or total avoidance. When people feel chronically stressed it can be tempting to either constantly be working to do things to stop the stress (compulsive work hours, constant business) or to avoid the stress entirely through procrastination or denial. Therapy can help a person to solve problems in living through behavioral strategies and reinforcement strategies to change your fears about what you are avoiding or fears about letting go of some of your burdens.

Life transitions including divorce, new babies, family changes, loss, work changes, marriage, break ups, can all be stressful for most, but having someone to work through these issues with can help.